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It’s our mission to help our clients sustain independence and enhance their quality of life by delivering nutritious food.

Our home-delivered Meals on Wheels Program serves over 1,340 clients annually. More than 500 volunteers deliver over 326,000 nutritious meals to homebound people who are elderly, ailing, or physically disabled every year. Packaged along with every meal is the dignity and independence that all people treasure. With their nutritional needs met, and with our concerned volunteers checking on their health and well-being daily, many of our clients can postpone—or eliminate altogether—the need for more extensive and expensive care arrangements.

The Weekender Meal Program™ provides food to 1,500 children weekly during the school year who would otherwise get inadequate nourishment over the weekend. Students who qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches receive a bag of food every Friday afternoon. The bags contain kid-friendly snacks—all healthy items that require no refrigeration and are easily opened by children. Students get more to eat all weekend long so they can come to school Monday morning nourished and ready to learn.


Mobile Meals of Toledo, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer-based social service agency that delivers nourishing food—at home and at school—to those whose nutritional needs might otherwise go unmet. We have been serving our community since 1967.

We have been delivering independence since 1967.

The history of Mobile Meals of Toledo dates back to the spring of 1967, when a small group of women set out to establish a home-delivered food program. Their goal was to provide nutritious and tasty food to those who were unable to prepare or obtain adequate meals during periods of convalescing or need. The intention was to serve anyone who would benefit from the program, regardless of income, with an initial emphasis on elderly clients.

Before long, a volunteer corps of thirty women (mostly wives of area physicians and dentists) had established what began as a six-month pilot project. On December 4, 1967, Mobile Meals of Toledo delivered its first meals to just four clients. But as word of the program spread, demand rapidly increased. In its first three years in operation, Mobile Meals grew to over 500 volunteers and delivered 74,730 meals to 550 clients.

As it turns out, Mobile Meals volunteers were delivering independence along with delicious, life-sustaining food. For many homebound clients, Mobile Meals became their only contact with the outside world, and they relied on the volunteers to check on them daily. It’s that personal contact that our clients, their families, and our volunteers still value most about Mobile Meals.

Today, Mobile Meals of Toledo still has over 500 volunteers, who deliver more than 500,000 nutritious meals annually. Since our humble beginnings, we have inspired and helped communities around the country to set up their own home-delivered meal programs. And we continue to deliver independence every day.

Read an account written by Carolinea Heintz, one of the original founders of Mobile Meals of Toledo, of the organization’s early history.

Office Staff

Maureen Stevens

Executive Director


Carolyn Fox

Associate Executive Director


Pam Feher

Meal Program Supervisor


Karen Schlegel

Nutrition Manager


Paige Strancar

Volunteer Coordinator


Robin Ganzel

Client Account Manager


Kimberly Sheehan



Nicole Kolacki



Ashley Volney

Marketing Coordinator

Board of Directors

  • President: George Brymer
  • President Elect: John Graham
  • Vice Presidents:
  •    Operations: Doug Hartnett
  •    Development: Greg Shope
  • Secretary: Julie McKinnon
  • Treasurer: Steve King
  • Executive Director: Maureen Stevens
  • Board Members At-Large:

• Michael Baker
• Shelley Benore
• Bob Bethel
• Dee Ann Bialecki-Haase MD
• Aaron Bieszczad
• Sarah Bucher
• Rob Davis
• Mimi Decker
• Amanda Geletka
• Stephen Greer
• Pat Howard
• Jim Hutchinson
• Marc Malley
• Jason Perry
• Tim Szymanski



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We Are Hiring!

Posted: November 28, 2016

We are hiring in our kitchen.


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We deliver prepared meals directly to your home or residence.

Diet Options

Our Meals on Wheels Program is for those who need assistance with diet and meal preparation. Our professional dietary staff plans and assembles your meals in our kitchen at Mercy HealthCare Center. If you like, you can help plan your menu by choosing from a variety of entrée options.

Click here to see our updated menu.

We offer many prescription-based diet options, all reviewed regularly by registered dieticians:

  • Regular
  • Low Fat / Cholesterol
  • Diabetic
  • Low Sodium
  • Two-gram Sodium
  • Renal
  • Mechanical Soft
  • Soft
  • Pureed


The Meals on Wheels Program helps those needing assistance with diet and meal preparation, regardless of income, so they can remain in their own homes—and retain the dignity and independence they cherish. What’s more, home deliveries serve as a daily checkup on our clients’ health and wellbeing.

We offer the following home-delivered meal options:

  • Two meals a day, delivered five days per week
  • One meal a day, delivered five days per week
  • A five-day meal pack, delivered once a week
  • Weekend meals available with any of the above options
  • Holiday meals included with all plans
  • Most diets allow for a  choice of daily entree

Service startup usually takes two to three days, but emergency startup is available.

We welcome Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. We also offer financial assistance to qualifying clients through our Meal Client Assistance Program.

Contact us for more information about meal options, financial assistance, or to get started using our service.

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To most schoolchildren, weekends are an eagerly anticipated break—an opportunity to trade the rigors of education for more enjoyable activities. But for many of Toledo’s inner-city students, weekends are more than a recess from learning; they are a two-day interruption in their primary source of nutrition. Cut off from government lunch programs, these students receive little—or nothing at all—to eat on Saturday and Sunday. By Monday morning, they are too hungry to concentrate on their class work.

Mobile Meals of Toledo’s Weekender Meal Program provides nutritious and ready-to-eat food to children who would otherwise get inadequate nourishment over the weekend. Students who qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches receive a bag of food to take home with them every Friday afternoon during the school year.

The bags contain kid-friendly snacks such as cereal, fruit, juice, granola bars, pudding, and crackers and peanut butter—all are healthy items, require no refrigeration, and are easily opened by children. The Weekender Meal Program helps ensure that students have enough to eat throughout the weekend so they can start each school week nourished and ready to learn.


The Weekender Meal Program grew from a unique collaboration among several area nonprofit organizations. Teachers at Central City Ministries of Toledo first recognized that students were antsy and unfocused at the beginning of each school week; after several students began requesting second helpings at lunchtime school officials realized that the children were suffering the effects of hunger. CCMT approached Leadership Toledo for help in researching the feasibility of launching a weekend food program. As part of their research, members of the Leadership Toledo project team asked Mobile Meals of Toledo to structure a plan for ordering and assembling the food and delivering the bags to schools. The planning process resulted in a workable concept. However, CCMT lacked the financial resources to fund the program.

As word of the need for the program spread, interest in helping launch the initiative grew. Board members and leadership staff of Mobile Meals began meeting with representatives from other area nonprofit organizations to propose a jointly sponsored pilot program. Monetary contributions from Ronald McDonald House Charities, Old Newsboys Goodfellow Association, and Kiwanis Youth Foundation, along with donated labor and operational support from Mobile Meals, enabled CCMT to offer the Weekender Meal Program to its qualifying students for calendar year 2008. Thanks to the combined commitment of these organizations, students at two CCMT schools began receiving their first bags of food in January 2008.

Today, the Weekender Meal Program delivers over 30,000 meals each school year to more than 1,200 students. Thanks to support from United Way of Greater Toledo, ProMedica, Toledo Community Foundation, and other contributors, Mobile Meals continues to add schools to the service.

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clients are served daily


meals are delivered annually


is spent in our Meal Client Assistance Program providing financial assistance to clients who otherwise could not afford the full cost of meal service


Life is sweeter when you volunteer!

Volunteers are the heart of Mobile Meals of Toledo. Over 500 volunteers donate more than 30,000 hours of service each year and help our clients maintain their independence by delivering nutritious food. 

Mobile Meals volunteers who assist with the Meals on Wheels Program typically deliver food two days each month. You’ll deliver on the same days of the month (for example, the first and third Wednesday of every month), and you’ll deliver to the same clients’ neighborhood every time.

Please look over our volunteer opportunities to see what fits your schedule. For more information, call 419.255.7806 or email us at

Meals on Wheels Program:

Volunteer for 90 minutes, two days a month. Or offer to substitute on an on-call basis.

Corporate Care

Recruit your co-workers, and donate two lunch hours per month.

School Spirit

Students: Volunteer and receive school-approved community service hours.

Office Assistance

Assist with various office duties – such as bulk mailings, filing, and data entry – as an Office Volunteer.

The Volunteer Program is the HEART of Mobile Meals of Toledo, Inc. Over 500 volunteers donate 30,000 hours of service each year, making heartfelt connections throughout our community.

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One of our friendly staff will contact you to discuss your needs and get the information needed to begin your service. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to refer you to any other services you may need in addition to meals.

If you prefer, you can call and talk to us Monday – Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at 419-255-7806.

Why wait? Get the proper nutrition you need and keep the independence that you treasure. Contact us now to find out more about receiving Mobile Meals!

We deliver nutritious, easy to heat, and balanced meals right to your door either once a week or daily.

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    2017 Mobile Meals of Toledo Great Chili Cook-Off

    Time: 12:00 pm, Saturday, March 25, 2017
    Location: Stranahan Great Hall

    Join us on Saturday, March 25 for the 25th Annual Mobile Meals’ Great Chili Cook-Off.


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